Is your dog bored? Does his never-ending energy tire you out? Have you run out of ideas to keep him occupied and out of trouble? Or are you looking for ways to spice up his training commands?

Then, you need this course! 

Curated by Shirin Merchant, this short, easy-to-execute course shows you simple ways to exercise the canine brain, make the doggie senses tingle and perk up training! It will also serve to reduce anxiety and stress levels in both you, and your dog! You’ll learn fun ways to strengthen your bond with your pet, put a thumping wag in his tail and a smile on your face.  


  • A dog of any age, breed and sex.

  • A human of any age, sex and race. All you need is a cheerful disposition and a sense of humour.


  • Simply to play with your dog! And, why do we need to play? Well, because the inclination to play is a barometer of a healthy, stress-free dog (and human). Animals that feel anxious, threatened or stressed are less likely to play. Often, one of the first signs of a dog being ill is the ceasing of play behaviours.   
  • Puppies that play more are likelier to grow into socially adjusted and friendly dogs. Most dogs with behaviour issues such as aggression or fear had puppyhoods devoid of healthy play. Play helps you understand your dog better and build a stronger bond that can help improve training skills.      
  • Keeping your dog mentally occupied not just exercises the brain cells and helps them grow, but also keeps away brain degeneration in senior dogs.   
  • You don’t need to walk your dog for hours every day to reduce energy levels. Just physical exercise is never enough; mental exercise is just as important.  In fact, twenty minutes of mental games can be as tiring as an hour of physical exercise.     
  • If your dog is fearful, anxious or just plain cranky, these exercises can help build confidence, release happy hormones and even reduce behavioural issues that stem from stress, such as barking, destruction, toileting and separation anxiety.     
  • Consider this a prescription for sheer, mindless fun! Do we need more reasons to get down on the floor and play with our dogs?  

This course includes...

• Prerecorded classes - study from your home at your convenience and your pace. No need to join live or in-person sessions.
• Access the course on computer or mobile
• Access for 1 year to the learning material
• Added articles on dog behaviour and training
• Videos and written tutorials
• Certificate of completion